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Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health

The Centre’s mission is to create a significant difference in the health of the Danish population by offering attractive and easy-to-implement training programmes to municipalities, companies, sports stakeholders and private vendors.

The aim of the centre is to achieve major prevention and treatment effects. 
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  • Exercise football lowers weight and blood pressure in 45-year-old women


    Women aged 35-50 with moderately elevated blood pressure achieve a significant drop in blood pressure and body fat percentage by playing exercise football for 15 weeks. This is the finding of new research carried out in a collaboration between researchers from four countries led by Peter Krustrup of the Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health at the University of Copenhagen. »

  • Free access to scientific articles on football and health


    You can now get a special edition of the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports containing 16 scientific articles on football for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases. »

  • Street soccer brings hope for Denmark's homeless


    The Danish street football organisation Ombold is using sport to help the homeless dream of a brighter future. FIFA TV visited Copenhagen and made a Video of the Week that highlights the important work being done in the project. »

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International football congress

Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health is organising a football congress on 20-23 May 2015. Register and submit abstracts from 1 June 2014.